27 Dec

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Steak Lovers

By Kansas City Steak Company

So, it’s that time of year again. When you take a solid look back at the year and assess, then gaze forward into the mysterious possibilities of the new year. That mystery can cause as much trepidation as it does excitement – and often the desire to plan some sort of accomplishment or goal for the coming year. 

Enter the time-honored tradition of the New Year’s resolution. 

That doesn’t mean, however, that your New Year’s Resolution can’t be something you find enjoyable or downright fun. In fact, it probably should be something you find a little compelling. And, if you’re reading our blog, you probably have a pretty big place in your heart for steak. 

So, we put together our top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Steak Lovers…bon appetit.

  • Go keto: Shed some LBs while enjoying all the juicy goodness that meat has to offer. Keto is all the craze right now. And, honestly, dropping weight by eating as much fat and protein as you want could make one wondrous new year.


  • A year of steak Friday: You have 52 weeks, why not pick just one day a week to grill a unique steak. That’s right, take the challenge of knocking down 52 different steaks next year and take your place as a steak legend.


  • Rock the veggie steak sides: There are endless steak sides. Some potato, some veg, some salty, some buttery and even some sweet. Why not substitute a few starches for veggies in the new year? It’s about the little changes sometimes.


  • Grill your best Steakburger: Maybe it’s time to up your burger game and grill your best Steakburger ever. Will you pan fry or charcoal grill? Will it be on a brioche, pretzel, or potato bun? The options are endless, and the potential is vast.


  • Perfect the perfect steak: Listen, we’re all “good” at grilling steaks. Excellence, however, is about an almost obsessive commitment to getting better. Make next year the year you go from good to great in steak preparation. Pick your steak, pick your prep method, and aim toward perfection through repetition, small recipe changes, and practice.


Happy New Year, steak lovers!