23 May

Topping the Perfect Burger

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : burgers,  recipe 

May is National Hamburger Month. We propose it should be renamed “National Steakburger Month”, but we digress.

The weather has changed, the kids are playing outside, the evenings are longer and the grill is back in business.

But how can you take your Steakburgers to the next level?

Start with the best-tasting burgers made with our Kansas-raised, corn-fed ground beef.

Sure ketchup and mustard are trusty friends, but we want a next-level burger for National Hamburger month right?

So ensure your “master of grilling” status with these 9 mouthwatering options for topping the perfect Steakburger:

  1. Beer-Cheese Burgers: Beer and burgers go well together. Beer on burgers is even better.
  2. Bistro Burgers: Bacon and eggs aren’t just a breakfast staple, they fit in nicely with a burger too.
  3. Pineapple-Jalapeno Salsa: Sweet and spicy, a perfect complement.
  4. Smokehouse Burger: Topped with burnt end chili, cheese and bacon aioli – we’ll make you come to Kansas City for this one.
  5. Blue Cheese with Caramelized Onions: Looks can be deceiving, but not this time.
  6. Double Cheese: The beauty of simplicity. Times two.
  7. The So-Cal Burger: The west coast living kind of burger.
  8. Cheddar BLT with Tarragon Dressing: Not the simplest recipe but awesome nonetheless.
  9. Stuffed KC Steak House Burger: Anytime a Steakburger meets red wine, magic happens.

Happy National Steakburger Month. (See what we did there?)