19 Dec

20 Steak Marinades to Try in 2020

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Ready or not, the new year is just days away. Historically, the beginning of a new year is when we all evaluate the past year, set new goals, make new resolutions and establish new habits. It’s only fitting that as 2020 approaches, we set aside the noise and work to clear our vision. As your favorite “steaks-perts,” our minds immediately went to how we could help you “steak” better next year.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a steak marinade recipes round-up like none other. Read on to find 20 Steak Marinades to Try in 2020! 

1. Bayou Beef Marinade

Bayou Beef Marinade is crafted with hints of the Cajun influence we all love and will leave you licking your lips. Serve with your favorite steak sides and congratulate yourself on a steak well plated.

2. Olde West Rub-Dusted Strip Steaks

Your favorite Kansas City Strip Steaks, marinated with Worcestershire Sauce and seasoned with red wine, Olde Thompson Pepper Blend peppercorns, dried whole chili peppers, sea salt, ground mustard, sugar, ground cumin, garlic powder and dried lavender, then grilled over mesquite charcoal. We love this twist on a traditional marinade accomplished by adding a dry rub.

3. Secret Southern Steak Stuff

We love a good secret recipe, and this steak marinade recipe does not disappoint! Paprika, oregano, mexican chili powder, onion powder, brown sugar, cumin, salt and fresh ground black pepper are just a few of the all-star ingredients in this line up. Marinate your favorite cuts in the refrigerator from 4-12 hours and enjoy your good taste!

4. Balsamic Steak Gravy with Portobello Mushrooms

One of our favorite steak toppings, Balsamic Steak Gravy with Portobello Mushrooms delivers great taste with a touch of citrus and a hefty helping of delicious. Add to your Ribeyes, Kansas City Strips, or whatever steaks you love best.

5. Margaritas Chipotle Steak with Grilled Avocados

In the quest for the best steak marinades, you’ll find recipes with all kinds of flavor profiles. We love the heat and flavor in this steak marinade recipe, especially when served in a warm tortilla!

6. Savory Seasoned Saffron Infused Persian Steaks

When you grill as many steaks as we do, it can be a challenge to find new steak recipes to try. We love this unique recipe made using Chateaubriand steaks, yogurt, lemon and other inventive ingredients for a saffron marinade you have to try to believe.

7. Padre Island Steak

Residents of the Lone Star state can brag about a few things with good reason, and we’re happy to say they can add one more to the list! This spicy take on Filet Mignon is served with the perfect touch of fruit salsa for an island flair.

8. Steak Rustica

Okay, so this one’s not technically a marinade recipe, but anytime a recipe involves 6 ingredients or less, we rejoice. Lemons, rustic Italian bread, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, freshly ground pepper and our hallmark Kansas City Strip Steaks make this a must-try recipe for 2020.

9. SS Steak Marinade

Jalapeno and spicy brown mustard give this steak marinade recipe a kick you’ll love! Serve with a fresh salad and crusty bread.

10. Zinful Curry Marinade

This fresh marinade recipe derives its name from red zinfandel, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Curry powder, lemon juice, onion and other seasonings blend beautifully for a flavor you’ll love.

11. Hurt Me Marinade

Take your favorite boneless ribeye steaks up a notch. Habanero pepper, taco seasoning, barbecue sauce and a whole slew of other seasonings create a taste experience you’ll be talking about for the rest of the year.

12. Pomegranate and Wine Steak Marinade

Pomegranate juice, red wine, sugar, onion, garlic and other fresh seasonings make this steak marinade a perfect pairing for your favorite steaks.

13. Mandarin Orange Marinade

Orange juice, apple juice and sweet and sour sauce are the key players in a marinade sure to make you smile.

14. Buffalo Garlic Marinade and Dipping Sauce

All the flavor of mouth-watering buffalo wings marries garlic and a handful of other ingredients to create a tangy marinade we love to share.

15. Honey Teriyaki Marinade

Sometimes, you just want a little pizazz with your steak. With ginger, honey and of course, teriyaki flavors, Honey Teriyaki Marinade delivers the taste you’re craving and more.

16. Lucky Thirteen Steak Marinade

Thirteen impeccable ingredients blend together seamlessly for a steak marinade recipe which leaves us counting our lucky stars.

17. Mango Curry Marinade

Fruit flavors and curry spices will deliver big flavor perfect for your next grill date.

18. East to West Marinade

Mandarin oranges, grated ginger, soy sauce, hot sauce, lime juice and honey are just a few of the ingredients you’ll find in this inventive, flavorful marinade concoction we adore. 

19. Apricot Riot Rub-Marinade

Dried apricots take the spotlight in this unique steak marinade recipe.

20. Jack and Coke Marinade

Brown sugar, bourbon whiskey, soy sauce, lemon juice, cola and a few other delightful ingredients make this cocktail of a marinade one we can’t forget!

We think you’re ready to ring in 2020! Which steak marinade recipe is the most intriguing to you?