25 Nov

Christmas Steak Gifts Worth Celebrating

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Shopping for Christmas gifts can be challenging, but we’re looking out for all the steak lovers on your shopping list with Christmas steak gifts worth celebrating. Whether the foodie you love prefers butter-tender Super Trimmed™ Filet Mignon, rich Ribeye, flavorful Kansas City Strip, or something else – we have exactly […]

19 Dec

20 Steak Marinades to Try in 2020

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Ready or not, the new year is just days away. Historically, the beginning of a new year is when we all evaluate the past year, set new goals, make new resolutions and establish new habits. It’s only fitting that as 2020 approaches, we set aside the noise and work to […]

23 Jan

Kansas City Steaks Bestselling Combo Packs

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There are few things as sweet in the day-by-day as completing multiple tasks at once. Mastery of such synergy promises you will have more time to sip wine while reading, more time with family and friends, or just enough sleep to get up early and complete your morning workout – […]

15 Nov

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Indoor Grilling

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We’re suckers for a good soup every now and then. But just because the temperature has dipped doesn’t mean dinner has to be served in a vat all winter. Steaks can still reign supreme, and grilling can still be your go-to. Even when it’s not pool weather. In order to […]

22 Oct

The Taste of Fall: Bourbon Pumpkin Spiced Kansas City Steak

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There’s nothing quite like that first morning after Summer when you wake up and you’re just a little chilly. The window by your bed was cracked open all night, and all you want to do is grab your cabin socks from your dresser. But you pull the blanket up and […]

20 Jul

Pack Your Cooler and See the States

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With KC Steaks We’re halfway through July, and that means road-tripping season is almost over. Maybe it’s just the Independence Day afterglow talking, but there’s something distinctly American about a road trip. The independence of putting four wheels on the pavement, going your own way, and making pit stops whenever […]

10 Jul

Grill Profile – Traeger Grills

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This summer, we’re giving you an in-depth look at several grills and smokers. We’ve already profiled Bull Products and Big Green Egg. Both are tremendous choices for your backyard and our beloved steaks. Premier steaks deserve a premium grill after all. Today, we’re featuring the wood-fired Traeger Grills. This year, […]

05 Jul

Grill Profile – Bull Outdoor Products

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We kicked off our Grill Profile series recently to give you an in-depth look at several grills and smokers this summer.  Buying the right grill is a big decision and we want to arm you with the information you need. Plus, our beloved steaks shouldn’t just be tossed on any […]

27 Jul

10 Tips for Pan-Seared Perfection

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Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of the grill. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly charred steak, fresh off the hot coals of a grill. And don’t even get us started on smoked meats. We’re Kansas City natives, barbecue and the deep smokey aroma are basically in our DNA. […]