20 Jul

Pack Your Cooler and See the States

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With KC Steaks

We’re halfway through July, and that means road-tripping season is almost over. Maybe it’s just the Independence Day afterglow talking, but there’s something distinctly American about a road trip. The independence of putting four wheels on the pavement, going your own way, and making pit stops whenever you good and well feel like it.

It might not be the most efficient way to travel, but a road trip isn’t about getting from Point A to Point B. It’s about the mile-markers in between. And if road-tripping is the most American way to travel, then the cooler is the most American way to eat along the way.

With a cooler, you have the independence to eat what you want, when you want, no matter where you are along the trail. Thankfully, our great nation’s state and national park system offers hundreds of thousands of grills and fire pits where you can cook up your favorite cuts of steak whenever hunger strikes.

Why stop at a fast-food joint when you can cook a quality meal in the great outdoors?

Before you set out on the open road, though, remember these 5 cooler essentials for the best road-trip experience:

  1. Start with a Quality Cooler — When planning your cooler-fueled American tour, don’t skimp on the hardware. A cooler with thick walls and a lid that locks will keep your food fresher for longer. And that means you can put in more miles.
  2. Chill Your Kit Before You Take Off – Despite the name, coolers aren’t actually designed to stay cool. They’re designed to maintain their current temperature, whether hot or cold. So, chill your cooler and your food before taking off to keep things colder for longer.
  3. Ice & Ice Packs — This is a bit of a no-brainer, but you’ll need to keep your cooler cool along the way. For shorter trips, ice packs are better than ice because they won’t turn your cooler into a lake. But ice packs won’t keep their cool for long. For longer trips, you’ll need to periodically re-stock with ice. Put your ice in large freezer bags to reduce the mess.
  4. Quality Cuts – What’s a cooler without some eats? When you fill your road-trip cooler, make sure to stock it with the variety and quantity you need for the long haul. If not, you’ll find yourself eating microwave taquitos at the gas station. Don’t do that to yourself.
  5. Your Favorite Salad — Because, come on, it’s 2017. As much as we all love meat, you need a little bit of green in your diet to stay healthy. Plus, we’ve heard that lettuce before a meal stretches the stomach. More room for what counts.

So, pack your coolers and enjoy the open road before summer is over! And remember, we ship to all the lower 48 with 2-day UPS delivery, plus Alaska and Hawaii for an additional fee.

Wheels up!