05 Jul

Grill Profile – Bull Outdoor Products

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We kicked off our Grill Profile series recently to give you an in-depth look at several grills and smokers this summer. 

Buying the right grill is a big decision and we want to arm you with the information you need. Plus, our beloved steaks shouldn’t just be tossed on any old grill! 

Premier steaks deserve a premium grill. 

Today, we’re featuring our friends at Bull Outdoor Products. What started as a business dream in a garage in 1993, has now grown into an operation with over 900 dealers and distributors throughout The United States and Canada.

Their growth has taken the industry by storm.

We asked Wade, Bull’s Marketing Manager, to help Kansas City Steak lovers understand why they should “Turn a Bull Loose” in their backyard. 

Here’s what he had to say:

  1. What should a Kansas City Steak customer expect when they cook their steaks on a Bull? – “A perfect sear, even cooking and the ability to produce incredible flavors are just a few things that can be expected when you pair a Bull grill with the high quality steaks from the Kansas City Steak Company.”
  2. What makes a Bull product different from other grilling options?  “The differences between a classic “big box” store style grill and a Bull are the construction, design, and performance. Bull Grills are constructed of heavy duty 14 gauge 304 stainless steel and are designed with a one piece dual lined hood that protects and prevents discoloring to keep the grill looking great. The premium Bull cast solid stainless steel burners put out 15k BTU’s each and are guaranteed for life. To put this in perspective, most grills sold in “big box” stores are constructed of aluminum and the burners are rated for only 12k BTU’s.”
  3. Is it easy to use a Bull? – “The biggest hurdle to overcome when stepping up to a Bull grill is getting used to the power it unleashes on your food. You will need to understand that a Bull grill actually has a medium and a low setting which are both relevant in your grilling experience. Some grills are set up where you have to cook everything on high just to get the job done, this is simply not the case with a Bull. You can sear your steaks on high and then finish cooking on medium to reach that perfect doneness.”
  4. Why should someone ditch their typical grill for a Bull product? – “If you are tired of replacing your grill every 3-5 years, or if you are looking to recreate that incredible steak you had at your favorite steak house, then you need to get a Bull.”
  5. Can you share one grilling tip or trick when cooking steaks on a Bull? – “I always like to brush the steak with a touch of olive oil, season the steak with a proper seasoning blend such as the Bull Steak and Burger Rub, and always rest my steaks for at least 5 minutes before serving. A couple other tricks I use: cooking with a smoking box to get a bit of wood fired flavor, and a simple marinade such as olive oil, garlic, Worcestershire, and fresh herbs.”

These pictures speak for themselves. Kansas City Steaks on a Bull look like a great pair. 

Bull Grill

Bull Kitchen

Searing Steaks

Steak Closeup