15 Nov

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Indoor Grilling

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : recipes,  steaks 

We’re suckers for a good soup every now and then. But just because the temperature has dipped doesn’t mean dinner has to be served in a vat all winter.

Steaks can still reign supreme, and grilling can still be your go-to. Even when it’s not pool weather.

In order to prepare you for the pending frost (and your temptation to default to soup every night), here are the Top 10 recipes, tips and ideas to keep the grilling spirit alive and well all fall and winter.

  1. Buy a Cast-Iron Skillet – sure, they’re great in the Great Outdoors, but a good cast-iron skillet is a must-have in your kitchen all winter long. Crank up the heat and get a strong sear on your favorite cut. Then transfer it all into the oven to finish cooking.
  2. Coca-Cola Ribs – two of America’s favorites rolled into one? Yes please.
  3. Hoisin Grilled Sirloin – pull a few sirloin steaks out of the freezer for this hearty and sweet Asian-inspired meal.
  4. Grilled Vegetables with Cilantro-Yogurt Dressing – you have to get your veggies in, so you might as well give them grill marks.
  5. George Foreman – he’s made a second living on the indoor grilling thing, you can trust his lean mean recipes.
  6. Salt & Pepper Ribeye – Our bone-in ribeye is cause for celebration, best enjoyed simply like this recipe details.
  7. Marinated Vegetable Kabobs – yeah, we’re trying to give you a hint. We all need more veggies in our diet, even though we’d rather just have more ice cream.
  8. Steak Mac & Cheese – cold winter nights call for comfort food. The only thing more comforting than mac & cheese? Mac & cheese with….steak.
  9. S’mores Indoors – we don’t think you need to stray too far from steak and potatoes. Unless it’s for dessert. In that case, stray far.
  10. Go Outside if You Must – if you’re a diehard griller and the indoors simply won’t cut it, you can still fire up the grill in the winter, just read our 5 tips for winter grilling We don’t need any injuries after all.

Happy grilling steak lovers. Your dedication and commitment to soup-aversion is to be honored.