20 Nov

5 Tips to a Stress-Free Thanksgiving

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The big day is almost here. Delicious food. Friends and family. Much deserved time off. But all you’re feeling is….worry, anxiety and stress. It doesn’t have to be that way. With our 5 tips for a stress-free holiday, even the host can feel joyous and thankful minus the drama (in […]

17 Nov

5 Phenomenal Tips for Your Friendsgiving Festivities

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Ah, Friendsgiving! That tempting holiday substitute that promises less stress, more listless lying around and equal portions of glorious meat-eating among friends. It beckons every year. Whether wading through holiday traffic, getting stuck on the air mattress or contemplating Aunt Cheryl’s oxymoronic and mind-expanding cookie salad, each year you must […]

10 Nov

15 Ways to Prep for Thanksgiving

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Right after you hit send on the text, you wondered if you shouldn’t have sent it… The one where you invited your entire family over for Thanksgiving. Hosting Thanksgiving is a big deal. A stressful responsibility. As much as you’re excited about hosting for the holiday, it comes with a […]

03 Oct

5 Steps to a Transformed Tailgate Party

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Imagine the disappointment. You are invited to your first major college or NFL football game. For years, you’ve heard of the tailgating environment, the incredible food, the set ups that make fancy restaurants envious. And when the buddy who invited you opens his trunk… All you see are some pre-made […]

19 Sep

Raising the Tailgating Steaks

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What do you get when you mix a broken-down school bus, a love for great steaks and a diehard group of football fans? Perhaps one of the greatest tailgate experiences in the Midwest. When “The Fan Van Crew” started tailgating in 2008, 10 seasons ago, they would have laughed if […]

13 Sep

Our Favorite Tailgating Memories

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You know how a certain song takes you back to an exact moment in time? You remember what road you were on, who you were with and how you felt. Like it was yesterday. You can go years without thinking of that memory, but when you hear that one song, […]

08 Aug

10 Steps to the Perfect Filet Mignon

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Throughout the month of August, we’re celebrating the Filet Mignon. A cut so special and beautiful, it deserves its own month of honor. We started the month by telling you the most basic information about a filet, consider it your cheat sheet to the Filet Mignon. Today, we’re going to […]

27 Apr

Ten Tailgating Tips: Rules of the Parking Lot

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Baseball season is in full swing. And no matter what team you call yours, a pregame grilling tailgate is a great start to a day at the ballpark. But before your next tailgate party, check out this list of ten tailgating tips to ensure you know the rules of the […]

16 Mar

The Eight Elite Party Fouls to Avoid During the Madness of March

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It’s known as March Madness for a reason. For the next three weeks, all across the country, bars, restaurants and basements will be filled to the brim to watch college hoops. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Also, in most cases, the least productive. It’s when loads of […]

27 Jul

10 Tips for Pan-Seared Perfection

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Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of the grill. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly charred steak, fresh off the hot coals of a grill. And don’t even get us started on smoked meats. We’re Kansas City natives, barbecue and the deep smokey aroma are basically in our DNA. […]