27 Apr

Ten Tailgating Tips: Rules of the Parking Lot

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : tailgating,  tips 

Baseball season is in full swing.

And no matter what team you call yours, a pregame grilling tailgate is a great start to a day at the ballpark.

But before your next tailgate party, check out this list of ten tailgating tips to ensure you know the rules of the parking lot.

  1. Invite Your Parking Lot Neighbor – no one likes an unfriendly neighbor. Part of the beauty of tailgating is getting to know your parking lot neighbors, regardless of the jersey they’re wearing. Invite them over, offer them a beer or a hot dog. We understand if you don’t want to offer a steak, those are yours.
  2. Create a Bold Menu – hot dogs and burgers are fine. We love those too. But don’t be afraid to go bold. Grill a bacon-wrapped filet, put some shrimp on the grill, make fancy cocktails, anything that leaves a bold impression on your partygoers.
  3. Don’t Hog the Lot – the yellow lines are your friend, stay within them and you’ll get along just fine. Door dings create grumpy parking lot neighbors.
  4. Don’t Forget the Necessities – it goes without saying but we’ll remind you. Don’t forget the paper goods, charcoal, condiments, ice, utensils, chips, buns, radio, chairs, cooler and the drinks. And heaven forbid, don’t leave the Kansas City steaks at home in the freezer. Talk about a buzzkill.
  5. Lawn Games are a Must – bags, washers, ladder golf, or a ball & glove… it doesn’t matter. Just be sure you pack something to pass the time; and of course a little competition never hurt anyone.
  6. Dial up the Décor – the boring card table is fine, it will certainly meet the basic requirement. But don’t be afraid to dial it up a bit with serving dishes, table cloths, even some of your team’s memorabilia. It’s OK to create a bit of tailgate envy from your parking lot neighbors.
  7. Have a Rain Plan – no one loves a rain delay but the weather is unpredictable. Even if your rain plan is sitting inside the car eating chips out of the bag, be sure you know how to keep the party going if the rain hits.
  8. Leave Leftovers for After the Game – the game may be a blowout and you leave early. Or it may be an extra inning nail-biter. Either way, be sure you have leftovers ready to go when you’re back to the vehicle. You have to let traffic clear anyway, you might as well make a steak sandwich.
  9. Bring the Perfect Pairing – the food is the centerpiece of the tailgate. But be sure you have plenty of beverages to wash it down. Take your time planning the perfect pairing for your menu. That may be beer, wine, a cocktail or anything your guests love.
  10. Document the Occasion – getting home only to realize you didn’t take a picture isn’t a great way to end the night. Have your new tailgate lot neighbor take a picture of your group. You’ll look back on it with fondness one day, regardless who won or lost.

Happy tailgating, baseball fans!