16 Mar

The Eight Elite Party Fouls to Avoid During the Madness of March

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : entertaining,  tips 

It’s known as March Madness for a reason. For the next three weeks, all across the country, bars, restaurants and basements will be filled to the brim to watch college hoops.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Also, in most cases, the least productive.

It’s when loads of perfectly cooked Kansas City Steak will be served.

And, unfortunately, it’s also when well-intentioned people commit offenses we call “Party Fouls”.

So before that person is you, here is our list of eight Party Fouls to avoid during the Madness this March.

  1. Using Silverware – you’re watching college basketball with friends, not eating a five-course meal. Don’t be afraid, grab the appetizers and party food with your fingers. Just don’t forget to lick them before high-fiving your buddy.
  2. Only Having One TV – this isn’t the early 80’s when you could only watch one game at a time. If you’re hosting a party, multiple TVs on different channels is a must. Heaven forbid your guests miss a buzzer beater in real time.
  3. Eating Fruits & Veggies – you have plenty of time to jump back on your clean eating kick, you don’t really want the carrot stick. Unless it’s swamped in Ranch dressing or Buffalo dip of course.
  4. Burning the Steak – we’re biased, but the Kansas City Steak’s first name should be Medium not Well. We can deliver the perfect product to your doorstep, but it’s on you from that point.
  5. Dancing in Front of the TV – the 12 seed vs. the 5 seed upset you picked in your 7th bracket won. Congrats. For a night, you’ll be in first in your pool. But this doesn’t mean you can hog center stage with your bad dance moves. We want to see the replay too.
  6. Bathroom breaks – you may think your seating location on the couch has nothing to do with your favorite team’s outcome, but you’re wrong. You’re a superstitious, vital part of the game. So plan your bathroom breaks accordingly. You can’t go when your team is up one, with 20 seconds left and the game is on the line. Hold it.
  7. Running Out of Food – hopefully the good games will keep them around, but you’ll find out who your friends really are if you run out of food during the party. Especially if you run out of delicious steak or appetizers. Don’t commit this technical party foul.
  8. Showing Up Empty-Handed – you blew out of work early and pulled up to your friend’s party, only to freeze in anxiety because you forgot to bring his favorite beer or her go-to bottle of wine. Or better yet, a replenished set of bone-in ribeyes, steakburgers or filet mignons. Don’t be that guy or girl who shows up with just your lucky sweatshirt and nothing in your hands. Or you may not get invited again next year.

What Party Fouls have you witnessed that our readers need to avoid?

Enjoy the Madness friends. We’re cheering with you.

– Your Friends at the Kansas City Steak Company