17 Nov

5 Phenomenal Tips for Your Friendsgiving Festivities

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : thanksgiving,  tips 

Ah, Friendsgiving!

That tempting holiday substitute that promises less stress, more listless lying around and equal portions of glorious meat-eating among friends.

It beckons every year.

Whether wading through holiday traffic, getting stuck on the air mattress or contemplating Aunt Cheryl’s oxymoronic and mind-expanding cookie salad, each year you must ask:

Is this the year?

So, if you’ve convinced some friends to succumb to the sultry swagger of this home-grown, grassroots holiday, we’ve got five tips to give everyone a November to remember.

  • Don’t Forget the Roughage: Early winter starts that primal urge to prepare for hibernation. This typically means equal parts meat and starch. But a solid side of green beans, brussels sprouts or oven-broiled broccoli is a great way to add a little color and fiber to everyone’s plate. They may not openly thank you later, but they’ll want to.
  • About Those Brussels Sprouts: Brussels sprouts have a bad rap. Pick and prepare them correctly, and you’ll have at least one or two friends wondering what they’ve been missing all their lives. Select dense sprouts, remove the outer leaves, cut an X into the stem and soak them in cold, salty water for 15-20 minutes before cooking. 
  • Store Bought Rolls: You can absolutely buy store bought pre-made rolls. But you will lose friends, and that’s not what Friendsgiving is about. You can’t replicate fresh-from-the-oven baked goods. They don’t need to be home made, but at least splurge and buy a can of biscuits.
  • Throw in a Wild Card: No risk, no reward. Don’t compete against Mom’s cooking – or think beyond the Thanksgiving feast. There are staples you shouldn’t ignore, but make something about your Friendsgiving unique. It might be pulling out that 2014 Imperial Stout you’ve been aging, leading with an antipasti appetizer, or pairing turkey and Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignon for a turf trifecta, but make the day yours. And play to your personal strengths on this move – execution over innovation.
  • Have a Casual Activity Ready: As previously mentioned, listless lying around is part of any winter holiday. However, some light activity can help along digestion and keep everyone from a full-on food coma. Think about going for a walk around the block or playing a little back-yard catch. Any harsher competitive activity shouldn’t occur, you’re still friends with these people after all.

If you celebrate Friendsgiving this year, let us know your favorite part. Feel free to tell us the worst part too, if you’re the kind who talks behind your friends’ backs.

Happy Friendsgiving!