14 Jan

5 Reasons to Beef Up Your Diet in 2020

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : diet,  keto,  lose weight,  paleo,  whole30 

Long gone are the dark days of beef being mislabeled as the enemy of a healthy life and trim body.  In fact, since the unmasking of carbs as the real culprit in weight gain, high protein and generously beef-filled meals have been the clear winner in slim-down diets and sustainable healthy eating. 

Just looking across the diet landscape of Keto, Whole30, DASH and Paleo, you have ample room to work lean red meat into your 2020 health plan.

If you’re not looking for an entire diet change, you could eat just a little healthier by changing Pizza Friday to Filet Mignon Friday – adding more high-quality lean beef into your diet.

Whatever you do this year, thinking meat-filled and delicious is a real option. And we have 5 big reasons to beef up this year’s diet.

  1. Protein is the building block of bones, muscle, cartilage, skin and blood. So, basically like everything inside you that matters. Lean beef is one of the top sources of protein and unquestionably the most savory.
  2. As a high-quality protein, one 3-ounce serving of beef provides more than 10 percent of 10 essential nutrients and vitamins for less than 10 percent of your daily calories. Some call this the 10/10/10 beef benefit. We call it #superhappyfunbeefdancetime.
  3. Scientific studies show eating high-protein meals boosts satiety and reduces hunger and food cravings. So, mixing a steak into your breakfast and/or lunch can help fight cravings throughout your day. Thanks science!
  4. Beef in an Optimal Lean Diet Study – referred to as the BOLD Study – found that when lean beef is consumed daily in a heart-healthy diet, LDL (bad cholesterol) was reduced 10 percent from the baseline. We don’t call this study BOLD, we call it DELICIOUS.
  5. Beef isn’t a kale smoothie. All the other wonderful dietary benefits of beef aside, a diet being bearable is part of it being possible. A beef-filled diet might just save your New Year’s resolution and ensure a terrific 2018!

Whatever health and/or dietary promises you’ve made yourself in this new year, we hope you’ve considered beef as a sincere aid in meeting your goals.

It can’t run the treadmill for you or lift weights, but it can certainly give your resolutions a beefy boost.  

Cheers to a healthy (and tasty) 2020!