04 Feb

Game Day Small Gathering Tips

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It’s finally time. The big game is just days away, and fans across the world are gearing up for a celebration unlike any other. Your party may not resemble those of years past, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on a great game day experience.

We’re here to help you achieve maximum game day greatness with Game Day Small Gathering Tips.

1. Safety First

In a season when safety is more important than ever, the first item on your list of tips for a game day small gathering is how to have a safe big game party. First, you’ll need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who will you be serving on game day?
  • Will your crew consist of those within your household?
  • Will you invite a couple of close friends who are in your “bubble?”

Once you’ve determined the answers, it’s time to think about how and where your dishes will be served. While it may be tempting to set up a self-serve buffet, if you’re planning to include anyone who isn’t in your immediate household you won’t want to go this route. Buffets are one of our favorite game day party ideas too, but this time, choose one designated person who can serve food and fill plates.

If a designated server isn’t an option, be sure to place hand sanitizer and/or single use gloves at the beginning of your buffet. Keep the recycle bin close and request guests use a new plate every time they return.

If any guests who are not in your immediate household will attend, be sure to have masks available and request everyone wear them when they are not eating or drinking. Set up your space for maximum social distancing. Set up outside if you can or find ways to maximize air flow to the areas where you’ll be eating and watching the big game.

And don’t forget to check out the CDC’s tips for small gatherings for more useful tips.

2. Master the Menu

Next, it’s time to curate a winning game day menu. Whether you’re planning to serve a full plated meal or an assortment of game day snacks and recipes, there’s no shortage of delicious options for your table.

Pair two or three new game day recipes you want to try with a few old favorites, and be sure to include plenty of finger foods for snacking. From burgers and hot dogs, to the tastiest dips, if you’re in need of game day recipe inspiration, check out one of these resources and pick a few new recipes to serve:

3. Small Gathering, Big Impact

Your game day gathering won’t hit record numbers of attendees this year, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have a big impact. Instead of focusing on sheer numbers, shift gears and spend your energy on making the most of your time together. The best game day party ideas include festive decorations, themed drinks and snacks, and games for your guests to play.

Make the most of your time by serving an assortment of canned or bottled drinks. You’ll save the time you might have spent mixing or pouring drinks, with the added benefit of safe serving with fewer points of contact.

Plan a few optional activities for your guests, like game day trivia or guesses about the final score. Be sure to have a prize or two ready for the winners!

4. Engage Your Guests

Whether your guests are household members or a couple “bubble” friends, invite them to be part of the action! Ask each person to share a favorite game day recipe and try to incorporate their ideas. Ask for their favorite drinks, and remind everyone to wear their game day gear to support their team, then offer a prize for the most team spirit! Invite one person to make a “game day playlist” and play it during the pre-game.

If your game day party will include any youth or children, think about who has the most enthusiasm and dub that individual the “cheer captain.” Encourage them to cheer along both teams, or your favorite, and be sure to make a big deal about their title. They will love the special role and it will help everyone get in the spirit for the big game.

You’re ready for a stellar small gathering with big flavor! Tell us who you’re cheering for in the comments below!