11 Jul

Recipe Road Trip – Hot Dog Recipes Across the United States

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July is National Hot Dog month, so it stands to reason that our thoughts and appetites would turn toward the ballpark fan favorite. The delightfully portable dish was first introduced on the scene in the 1860’s. In approximately 1870, German immigrant Charles Feltman opened the first hot dog stand on Coney Island.

Since that time, the popularity of the hot dog has grown in America and across the globe. Hot dog recipes vary greatly from country to country and state to state. In Venezuela, hot dog recipes typically include a boiled sausage frank, grated cheese, cabbage and carrot salad, potato sticks, diced onions, and sauce. The “French Hot Dog” differs from typical stand-out hot dog recipes like the Chicago hot dog, in that it is simply smothered in Gruyere cheese and served on a baguette.

Hot Dog Recipes Across the United States

All across the United States, hot dog lovers claim their unique regional variation is best, and who are we to disagree? From simple and straightforward to complex and smothered, there’s a hot dog recipe for everyone from sea to shining sea. You might be thinking the only decision that really matters is whether to use hot dog chili or not, but take it from us: There is no end to the variety of ways Americans love to top their hot dogs.

Buckle up! We’re going to take a quick tour across the country.

New York

Hot dog recipes in New York are pretty straightforward, served with spicy mustard and onions sautéed in tomato paste or sauerkraut. Try this fresh take for a New York dog that will please any crowd.


The Chicago hot dog has long been lauded for the unique variety of toppings and flavor profile loaded on each frank. You’ll know a traditional Chicago-style dog by the many toppings, but every Chicago dog worth its salt will include the staples of hot peppers, onion, relish, pickle spears and fresh tomato.  

Kansas City

Melted Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, along with a sesame seed bun, make Kansas City’s take on the ballpark fan favorite unique. This hot dog recipe reminds us of a classic Reuben in all the right ways.


You might think that hot dog recipes from the south would include a heaping helping of hot dog chili, but you’d be wrong. Residents of Atlanta typically top their “dawgs” with a generous scoop of slaw…which is not terribly different than the way their Memphis neighbors to the north prefer their barbecue.


Detroit is famous for the “Coney Dog,” a mouthwatering, chili-smothered beef frank hot dog sprinkled with chopped onion and shredded cheddar cheese. Try this flavorful recipe for Classic Coney Island sauce!

Tuscon & Phoenix

The “Sonoran” is a unique hot dog recipe beloved by residents of two separate cities in the state of Arizona. Bacon, onions, pinto beans, mayo, mustard, jalapeno salsa and chopped tomatoes comprise this flavorful regional favorite.


Dallas is the birthplace of many things, from the frozen margarita machine to German chocolate cake and even laser tag. There is some discrepancy over where everyone’s favorite corn dog was first created, but everyone agrees that the “Corny Dog” first gained popularity at the Texas State Fair.

Thanks for joining us on our hot dog recipe road trip across the United States! Next, revisit our helpful list of “5 Hot Dog Do’s and Don’ts,” then order your perfect beef hot dogs and tell us – which hot dog recipe above makes you want to break out the grill?