Gift Ideas

04 May

8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Steaks Beat Every Time

By Kansas City Steak Company

We get it. There are staple, go-to Mother’s Day gifts that are safe. They’re reliable like brand-name tires and dental floss, but they just don’t wow.  They don’t give mom that acknowledgment she deserves. They don’t say, “Whoa, mom! I can’t believe you’ve maintained as much sanity as you have, […]

10 Apr

5 Siblings Day Gift Ideas to Apologize for Past Sibling Transgressions

By Kansas City Steak Company

Remember that thing? You know, that time, the place, THE THING with your brother or sister that you still, even today, feel a little guilty about? The blood, tears, the incessant poking and prodding, how mom and dad took it… or maybe even how you totally got away with it, […]

05 Dec

Gift Ideas for all Personalities

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : christmas,  Gifts,  holiday 

Some people spend months finding the best holiday gifts for everyone on their list. They have the knack and the time for giving the perfect present. But, if you’re like us, you could use a little guidance. Hey, even Santa gets a list.   So, here’s our gift to you: […]