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16 May

10 Burgers You Need in Your Life Today

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Grilling season has arrived with gusto, and during our evening commute home we see grill masters everywhere cultivating the perfect blend of charcoal, cracking open a cold one and grilling hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, shrimp, chicken… you name it. After all, these warmer days were practically made for evenings spent […]

09 May

The Only Guide to Regional American Barbecue You’ll Ever Need

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Few things are more American than baseball, good old-fashioned apple pie…and, of course, barbecue. American barbecue dates back to early colonial times, but over the centuries it has evolved to become an art form. Modern American barbecue styles and recipes vary widely from coast to coast, but the country is […]

18 Apr

Everything you Need to Know About How-to Meal Prep

By Kansas City Steak Company

Meal Prep. Two words that strike equal parts relief and terror in the hearts of people everywhere. If you’re here, chances are you are a beginner in the world of meal prep, so we’ll start with the answers to a few basic questions. What is meal prep, anyway? Meal prep […]

30 Mar

5 Fresh Steak Sides Guaranteed to Put a Little Spring in Your Step

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Snow is melting, the grass is growing, and birds are chirping. The colder, stark months are finally past, and it’s safe to say that we are all breathing a collective sigh of relief that a new season is here. Spring has sprung. Historically, spring has served as a beacon of […]

08 Mar

Fish for Every Friday

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As we eagerly welcome the warmth, sunshine and longer days that accompany spring, many of us are applying the “KonMari Method” to the clutter that accumulated in our living spaces over the colder months. It should come as no surprise that as we clean and organize our homes, we also […]

28 Feb

4 Chili Recipes to Give You That Warm Feeling Inside

By Kansas City Steak Company

One of the great benefits of winter weather is the food that goes with it. It’s the season of pot pies, soups, stews and, most importantly, chili. Chili – more formally referred to as chili con carne (aka chili with meat) – first became a hit in the 1900s when […]

21 Feb

3 Potato Pairings to Make Any Steak Dinner Tuber-Tastic

By Kansas City Steak Company

If you got through college by eating potato-based meals, then this month-long celebration is for you. It’s National Potato Month, a month dedicated to a crop that has been a favorite since it was first imported to Spain – and then, of course, Ireland – in the 1500s. This little […]

15 Feb

Post-Valentine’s “Third Wheel” Appreciation Meal

By Kansas City Steak Company

Ok love birds, you have had your alone time. You’ve dined out, given flowers and boxes of steaks to one another, and indulged in all the other delightful traditions that give holidays their staying power. Hopefully, it brightened – or maybe even rekindled – a few flames. But Valentine’s Day […]

07 Feb

4 Meaty Ways to Adore Your Special Someone This Valentine’s Day

By Kansas City Steak Company

Alright steak lovers, it’s time do something for our other loves…our cupcakes, boos, honey bears, and lamb chops. Valentine’s Day hastily approaches. While we have spent most of the last few months bringing holiday cheer and ringing in the new year, it’s now time to switch gears. We must move […]

24 Jan

The Pre-Game Checklist: Everything You Need to Finish Strong

By Kansas City Steak Company

You’ve trained all season for this. You’ve brought everything you have, game after game, Sunday after Sunday – sometimes on a weekday with shortened rest, even.  And now it all comes down to the big game. The game everyone wants to host. The be-all and end-all. This party isn’t for […]