15 Jan

5 Foods to Cuddle Up with This Winter

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Winter isn’t coming, it’s here! These short, ice-ridden days turn every outdoor venture into a grueling task. By the time night hits, most of us are ready to curl up beside a blazing fire to the sweet sound of a bubbling stew or the savory smell of a roast slowly […]

15 Nov

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Indoor Grilling

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : recipes,  steaks 

We’re suckers for a good soup every now and then. But just because the temperature has dipped doesn’t mean dinner has to be served in a vat all winter. Steaks can still reign supreme, and grilling can still be your go-to. Even when it’s not pool weather. In order to […]

28 Aug

21 Ways to Your Best Filet Mignon

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : filet mignon,  recipes,  sauces and marinades 

We’re about to turn the page on this year’s Filet Mignon Month. You’ve learned a lot this month about Filet Mignon including: the specifics, how to cook one perfectly, and some tips from our team on how they cook them. But before we switch gears into Tailgating Season, we want […]