Steak 101

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27 Jul

10 Tips for Pan-Seared Perfection

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Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of the grill. There’s nothing quite like a perfectly charred steak, fresh off the hot coals of a grill. And don’t even get us started on smoked meats. We’re Kansas City natives, barbecue and the deep smokey aroma are basically in our DNA. […]

13 Jul

Five Ways to Ruin a Great Steak

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5) Flipping Flipping Don’t flip your flipping steak 42 flipping times. I know it’s so tempting – you just want to have a peek. You can’t see what is happening on the bottom of your steak – you feel so helpless! Leave it alone! It will be OK. Trust me. […]

11 Jul

8 of the Most Expensive Cuts of Meat You Never Knew You Had to Have

By Kansas City Steak Company

  You love steak, and even in a recession you want the best that money can buy.  But how much money are you really willing to drop to buy the “perfect” steak? Let’s say you have an unlimited budget…what would be the best steak that your money could buy?  Here’s […]

30 Nov

Top 10 Steak Grilling Tips

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Chef-Inspired Top 10 Steak Grilling Tips If you think grilling a steak is as easy as slapping a piece of meat you bought at the supermarket on a grill and flipping it a few times, you’re missing out on what could be THE GREATEST STEAK OF YOUR LIFE. Here are […]

30 Nov

A Guide to Steak Cuts, Steak Grades and Aging

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Sometimes you can’t help but to look at two different steaks and wonder why one is 3 times more expensive than the other. We have lots of options as steak lovers. Each with their own pros and cons.  Here are a few tips to help decide which steak is best for you. […]

30 Nov

How to Broil a Steak

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Most gas and electric ovens have broiler units that can be used to cook steak when grilling a steak isn’t convenient.  If you’ve never used your broiler, be sure to read your oven manufacturer’s directions before you try the broiler method for cooking your steaks. When broiling steak it’s best to use a […]