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05 Jul

Grill Profile – Bull Outdoor Products

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We kicked off our Grill Profile series recently to give you an in-depth look at several grills and smokers this summer.  Buying the right grill is a big decision and we want to arm you with the information you need. Plus, our beloved steaks shouldn’t just be tossed on any […]

24 Jun

Grill Profile – Big Green Egg

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Throughout the summer, we’re giving our readers an in depth look at several grillers and smokers. We know it can be confusing when making such a big and important selection. After all, whatever you choose will be the trusted source to take care of our beloved steaks for your family […]

22 Jun

Grilling Hacks

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Summer is in full swing, which means your grill is likely seeing lots of action. Neighbors are over for dinner one night and family is gathered in the backyard the next. Many nights, the grill is the hub of activity. And the gathering place for conversation. But even for the […]

12 Jun

To Sauce or Not to Sauce?

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That is the question… Of all the great culinary questions in history, perhaps none inspires more debate than steak sauce. Purists argue that steak sauce distracts from the meat itself, while “saucers” claim it only makes it better. So, which is right? Let’s hear from both sides of the great […]

07 Mar

3 Ways to Ready Your Grill “Steak-Ready” for Spring

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During the month of March, we’re giving you our Spring Training Steak tips. Baseball is back, which means grilling season is too. The boys are back on the diamond. The days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer. It’s time to uncover the grill, dust off the cobwebs […]

11 Oct

Kansas City Steak Standard 5 of 7: Three Benefits of Marbling in Steak

By Kansas City Steak Company

For years, decades probably, you’ve heard story after story about how harmful fat is to a diet. And like most things, there is some truth in these claims. Bad fat is bad fat. And leads to unhealthy results. But the truths about good fat are emerging and becoming more mainstream […]

27 Sep

Kansas City Steak Standard 4 of 7: The Importance of Color

By Kansas City Steak Company

They say you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It’s true in relationships, it’s also true in how you judge the steaks you purchase. A great look makes a great first impression. But don’t be fooled. Big box stores have a tendency to use products and […]

14 Sep

Kansas City Steak Standard 3 of 7: The 3 Benefits of a Properly Trimmed Steak

By Kansas City Steak Company

In the first two steak standard posts, we’ve covered the importance of knowing where your steak comes from and how the USDA grading process works.   Now it’s time to unpack the benefits of the steak’s cut and why a properly trimmed steak is worth every penny. In the beef […]

31 Aug

Kansas City Steak Standard 2 of 7: Grade

By Kansas City Steak Company

In our first steak standard blog post, we covered the importance of knowing the source of your beef. Today, we’re covering the different grades of beef according to the United States Department of Agriculture (you’ll see USDA for short). At times, these grades can be confusing so we want to […]

19 Aug

Kansas City Steak Standard 1 of 7: Source

By Kansas City Steak Company

Would you take your child to see a doctor you didn’t trust? How about your car to a mechanic you didn’t know? Or have a repair company with a bad reputation fix your broken air conditioner? No is the answer to all of those questions. So why would you put […]