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25 Apr

5 Perfect Pairings for Your Beef Wellington

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Watch any movie, live theater or sporting event and it’s easy to quickly identify the star of the show. They stand out, apart and above the rest. Our Beef Wellington can relate. The individual components of the recipe are incredible enough. Our finest super-trimmed Filet Mignon,  savory mushroom duxelles and […]

20 Apr

Roasterie Rubbed Strip Steak

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All of a sudden, the grass is green. The trees are budding. The birds are singing. If you blinked, you may have missed it. Spring is here. Grilling season is so close we can taste it. And today, it tastes like Chef Eric Harland’s rich and savory Roasterie Rubbed Strip […]

10 Apr

9 Hot Dog Recipes That Bring the Ballpark to Your Home

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Here in Kansas City, Opening Day is a holiday. Not technically. But it might as well be. A day when parents pull their children out of school early. When bosses see an abnormal amount of sick days from their employees. When truck beds are filled with charcoal, grills and ball […]

07 Apr

Veal is For Real

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Let’s get real about Veal for a second and touch on the American Veal Association’s (AVA) Statement of Principles. Producing food consistent with the AVA’s values and guiding principles follows these guidelines Food Safety Animal Care Environment Employees Community   Veal is a lean, versatile meat that can be sautéed, […]

05 Apr

10 Savory Glaze Recipes for Your Easter Ham

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It sneaks up on us each year no matter what weekend it is. Easter. When families sit at the long table a bit longer and pour one last glass of wine. For us, it is an opportunity to give you time with the ones you love. When we can help […]

29 Mar

Crown Filet with Black Garlic and Bourbon Butter

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The final weekend of college hoops is upon us. Your bracket is likely busted or you’re near the bottom of the pack in the office pool and you’re looking for one more attempt at bragging rights. Well, no fear! We’ve got you covered. Thanks to our Kansas City Steak Cook […]

28 Mar

Coffee Crusted Crown of Filet Recipe

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Throughout the Madness of March, we’ve asked you to submit your favorite Filet Mignon recipes as part of our #NCDoubleFilet contest. And you’ve responded the way we knew you would, with incredible enthusiasm.   With the Final Four set, we felt it was our turn to share some filet recipes […]

22 Mar

Sweet Sixteen Appetizers for Your Hoops Watch Party

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Your bracket is busted. But you’re still hosting or attending a college hoops watch party this weekend. The trusty cheese dip served you well last weekend, but you’re in search of a new appetizer recipe for the sweet round of 16. Have no fear, we’re here to serve. Choose any […]

20 Jan
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Chili Bisque Recipe

By Kansas City Steak Company

As we continue National Soup Month, our Kansas City Cook Team is sharing their go-to steak soup recipes. Today, Chef Darci Bos lets us in a family secret recipe, her Chili Bisque. Doesn’t this make you want to light the fireplace, grab a good book and spend the weekend in […]

17 Jan

Spicy Steak Spinach Noodle Bowl Recipe

By Kansas City Steak Company

January is National Soup Month. And lucky for you, our Kansas City Steak Cook Team is sharing their secret steak soup recipes. The ones they only bring out when their friends and family are over for a cold, winter dinner. Chef Sherri Williams blew our minds with this one, we […]