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16 Mar

This Easter, Put Tradition Back on Your Table

By Kansas City Steak Company

What are you planning for this year’s Easter Dinner? A little bacon-wrapped quail nestled on a bed of saffron foam? Perhaps a duck, wrapped in a turkey, stuffed inside a whole hog and roasted on a spit?  That. Sounds. Exhausting. We get it. Holidays are a big deal. And in […]

12 Mar

A Tip o’ the Hat to Old Saint Pat: 6 Yummy Ways to Incorporate Beer into Your Meat-Eating Plans

By Kansas City Steak Company

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day, and as the saying goes: If yer Irish, it’s a vital day. If yer part Irish, it’s an important day. And if yer not Irish, ya are today. We thought we’d share a few recipes to help get the green juices flowing. Given the history […]

27 Jan

To Garnish or Not to Garnish, That is the Question…

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While it is a mild oversimplification, there are simply two types of steak lovers. On the one side, you have the purists. This side believes that steak should be prepared simply with salt and pepper. No sauce or garnish of any fashion – except maybe a pad of plain butter […]

24 Jan

8 KC Spirits and Brews & The Meats We’d Pair with Them

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Kansas City has a longstanding reputation when it comes to quality meats, no one knows that better than us. More recently, though, our fellow Kansas City locals have been fostering a booming craft beer and liquor scene. These micro to macro breweries and distilleries have been cranking out some of […]

15 Jan

5 Foods to Cuddle Up with This Winter

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : comfort food,  recipes 

Winter isn’t coming, it’s here! These short, ice-ridden days turn every outdoor venture into a grueling task. By the time night hits, most of us are ready to curl up beside a blazing fire to the sweet sound of a bubbling stew or the savory smell of a roast slowly […]

05 Dec

Gift Ideas for all Personalities

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : christmas,  Gifts,  holiday 

Some people spend months finding the best holiday gifts for everyone on their list. They have the knack and the time for giving the perfect present. But, if you’re like us, you could use a little guidance. Hey, even Santa gets a list.   So, here’s our gift to you: […]

15 Nov

Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Indoor Grilling

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We’re suckers for a good soup every now and then. But just because the temperature has dipped doesn’t mean dinner has to be served in a vat all winter. Steaks can still reign supreme, and grilling can still be your go-to. Even when it’s not pool weather. In order to […]

22 Oct

The Taste of Fall: Bourbon Pumpkin Spiced Kansas City Steak

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There’s nothing quite like that first morning after Summer when you wake up and you’re just a little chilly. The window by your bed was cracked open all night, and all you want to do is grab your cabin socks from your dresser. But you pull the blanket up and […]

07 Oct

9 Recipes to Transform Your Tailgate Party – Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : recipe,  tailgating 

We’re on a mission to transform tailgate parties across the country. It’s 2017. Your tailgate friends deserve more than potato chips and off-brand hot dogs. And American football is too fun of a sport to serve boring food. So, can we all agree that it’s time we up our collective […]

28 Aug

21 Ways to Your Best Filet Mignon

By Kansas City Steak Company Tags : filet mignon,  recipes,  sauces and marinades 

We’re about to turn the page on this year’s Filet Mignon Month. You’ve learned a lot this month about Filet Mignon including: the specifics, how to cook one perfectly, and some tips from our team on how they cook them. But before we switch gears into Tailgating Season, we want […]