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26 May

The Campsite Grilling Survival Guide

By Kansas City Steak Company

Whether you camp once a year or once a week, we can agree there’s something magical about camping. But before you drag out the camping cooking gear from the basement, let us help you think through exactly what you’ll need to make the most of your experience. Because if you’re […]

23 May

Topping the Perfect Burger

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May is National Hamburger Month. We propose it should be renamed “National Steakburger Month”, but we digress. The weather has changed, the kids are playing outside, the evenings are longer and the grill is back in business. But how can you take your Steakburgers to the next level? Start with […]

15 May

Father’s Day Gift Guide for Seven Types of Dads

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We hope you had a terrific weekend celebrating Mom. She deserved every second of it. Dads are now on deck. You have a few weeks, but before it sneaks up on you, here is the ultimate Kansas City Steak gift guide for Father’s Day. Broken down by dad type, because […]

12 May

Mother’s Day Meals Made Easy: Portobello Stuffed Fajita

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It’s ok to admit it. We’re only a few days away from Mother’s Day, and you’re in full scramble mode. You have no idea what your plans are. Of course you love her, but we get it, you’ve been busy. Don’t sweat it, we’ve got you covered. Knock mom’s socks […]

03 May

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Filet Mignon Medallions

By Kansas City Steak Company

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. This year, ditch the stuffy brunch and crowded restaurants. What Mom wants more than anything is time with the ones she loves, and not the meal-time responsibility! We asked our Kansas City Steak Cook Team to give us some Mother’s Day gift meal […]

27 Apr

Ten Tailgating Tips: Rules of the Parking Lot

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Baseball season is in full swing. And no matter what team you call yours, a pregame grilling tailgate is a great start to a day at the ballpark. But before your next tailgate party, check out this list of ten tailgating tips to ensure you know the rules of the […]

25 Apr

5 Perfect Pairings for Your Beef Wellington

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Watch any movie, live theater or sporting event and it’s easy to quickly identify the star of the show. They stand out, apart and above the rest. Our Beef Wellington can relate. The individual components of the recipe are incredible enough. Our finest super-trimmed Filet Mignon,  savory mushroom duxelles and […]

20 Apr

Roasterie Rubbed Strip Steak

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All of a sudden, the grass is green. The trees are budding. The birds are singing. If you blinked, you may have missed it. Spring is here. Grilling season is so close we can taste it. And today, it tastes like Chef Eric Harland’s rich and savory Roasterie Rubbed Strip […]

10 Apr

9 Hot Dog Recipes That Bring the Ballpark to Your Home

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Here in Kansas City, Opening Day is a holiday. Not technically. But it might as well be. A day when parents pull their children out of school early. When bosses see an abnormal amount of sick days from their employees. When truck beds are filled with charcoal, grills and ball […]

07 Apr

Veal is For Real

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Let’s get real about Veal for a second and touch on the American Veal Association’s (AVA) Statement of Principles. Producing food consistent with the AVA’s values and guiding principles follows these guidelines Food Safety Animal Care Environment Employees Community   Veal is a lean, versatile meat that can be sautéed, […]