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08 Sep

Tailgating Profile – Arrowhead Tribe Tailgate Crew

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Football season is here. And with its arrival comes crisp weather, warmer clothing and our favorite football tradition: tailgating. Whether you’re tailgating at home or in the parking lot of a sold-out stadium, football is the perfect excuse to extend grilling season. That’s certainly the case for 12 Kansas City […]

06 Sep

Tailgating Redefined: Take the Tailgate to Your Front Door

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Football season is back. Thank goodness. And with its arrival comes the fall version of tailgating. The tailgate party has been confined to stadium parking lots for far too long. And we firmly believe that something so awesome should never be kept in a cage. That’s why, this month, we’ll […]

28 Aug

21 Ways to Your Best Filet Mignon

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We’re about to turn the page on this year’s Filet Mignon Month. You’ve learned a lot this month about Filet Mignon including: the specifics, how to cook one perfectly, and some tips from our team on how they cook them. But before we switch gears into Tailgating Season, we want […]

26 Aug

5 Filet Mignon Tips from the Kansas City Steak Team

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It makes us sad, but we’re nearing the end of Filet Mignon Month. We hope you’ve filled your calendar and your stomachs with our tender Filet Mignon this August. To lead us down the homestretch this month, we’ve asked a couple of our longtime, trustworthy employees to share their own […]

17 Aug

Steaks with HOS Meet and Greet Menu

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We’ve been fortunate to serve as the centerpiece for many get-togethers in your home, but it’s less common for us to actually do the serving. So when we get the chance to throw the party, we like to go all out. A few weeks ago, the hottest summer sweepstakes came […]

08 Aug

10 Steps to the Perfect Filet Mignon

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Throughout the month of August, we’re celebrating the Filet Mignon. A cut so special and beautiful, it deserves its own month of honor. We started the month by telling you the most basic information about a filet, consider it your cheat sheet to the Filet Mignon. Today, we’re going to […]

01 Aug

What is a Filet Mignon?

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August is Filet Mignon month. 31 full days of celebration. Technically we celebrate the filet all 365 days, but we give it some extra love in August. Each day in August, we’re going to show and tell you more about filets: what makes them special, how you should cook them, […]

20 Jul

Pack Your Cooler and See the States

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With KC Steaks We’re halfway through July, and that means road-tripping season is almost over. Maybe it’s just the Independence Day afterglow talking, but there’s something distinctly American about a road trip. The independence of putting four wheels on the pavement, going your own way, and making pit stops whenever […]

17 Jul

7 Ways to Top a Summer Hot Dog

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Whether it’s at a ballpark, a backyard or a beach, there’s something about a hot dog that screams summer. We guess that’s why July is National Hot Dog Month. It just makes sense. Some say a hot dog is a hot dog, just buy some cheap franks and toss them […]

14 Jul

4 Summer Side Dishes

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We don’t think there’s any question about what’s the best thing to come off a grill. It’s a steak of course. The only question is which cut. But we imagine there is plenty of debate about the best side dish to accompany your signature steak. Rice, salad, potatoes, veggies, fruit, […]